Cathy Convo: Christina Hoff Sommers

Video Chat with Christina Hoff Sommers

Last week, I jumpstarted my Cathy Convos again—a video chat series I began in 2019.

That was the pre-Zoom era, and for a variety of reasons (partly the technology hassles) I halted making them after two initial entries. Now, with the relaunch of Arc Digital and the debut of my newsletter, it’s the perfect time to bring them back.

The first conversation, back in 2019, was with Jesse Singal (watch it here). The second was with John McWhorter (watch it here). (Please note that due to a glitch in the process, McWhorter’s video feed did not record; remember those technology hassles mentioned above?)

My latest—and first in two years—is with Christina Hoff Sommers, writer, fellow “dissident feminist,” and longtime friend.

Members get early access to Cathy Convos. After a short while they will be made public on the Arc YouTube channel.